Head First Into The Wave Pool

Passionate Entrepreneur turns Fortune 100 Executive

I Took The Plunge

“Adriana really knows the game. She fashioned a resume that is state-of-the-art and communicates the important, performance-based specifics with style and panache… as well as the essential details–so readers get a sense of who you are in addition to the factual material. One of the best resumes I’ve seen–period. – Client Feedback , May 2011

That’s a quote from a client from my business, adrianallames career services, the one I transitioned over to Barbara Gonzalez, the owner of Chicago Interview Coach, who apprenticed with me for years and a woman I highly recommend for anyone in the job search game.  It’s also proof that the adrianallames career services personal branding system (now employed by Barbara) works; I used it to take the plunge back into Corporate America and join Sears Holdings as the Division Vice President of Social Media.

If you’re looking for expertise, here are a few recommendations:

1. Career Coaching – see Barbara with Chicago Interview Coach; she’s fantastic
2. Personal Branding – first stop, www.personalbrandingblog.com, wonderful free resource + full of experts
3. Social Media Strategy Contact Me. I’m currently committed full-time to SHC; glad to help where I can with an answer or referral.
4. Resume  Advice – take advantage of the FREE ebook download provided here for you, 27 pages chalk full of what you need
5. Interview Advice – I’d encourage you to purchase “Career Sudoku”, your career is worth the $17 investment