Starbucks – The Social Network

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Every morning I have coffee with the same group of guys, and one other woman (hi Carol) and the same Starbucks here in my neighborhood. I like to refer to it as our real-life Social Network. Who needs Facebook or Twitter when we have Starbucks?

Around 7:30a.m. we all stroll in with our looks of “coffee, please” and chipper Chad, the store manager, says Good Morning in that “I’ve already drank 2 pots” sort of way. As we begin to fuel our minds with legally stimulated caffeine I observe the laptop lugging crowd that arrives around 9ish to begin their day.

Our local Starbucks is more than a mere coffee shop. It’s a social network and c’office all in one. The local c’office provides coffee for a merely $1.50 plus tax, 2 hours of free Wi-Fi (although it’s been known to stay live far longer than just 2 hours) and $0.50 refills until your heart’s content.

For just a few dollars you can get caffeinated, logged on and networked – plus do some really great people watching. In a highly populated city like Chicago (that’s where I live) this is a great deal if you’re job hunting! And, if you’re a regular – like many SBux locals are – you know that a rewards card gives you FREE refills. Bonus.

Spend a couple hours a day at your local coffee shop (Sbux for me and my addiction), log on for free and network with the people inside the shop. You never know who you might meet.

Real-life stories: I’ve met F.L., a man who built a health-care related company and sold it just over 2 yrs ago for $450+ Million. I’ve met A.K. who owns 3 companies and a variety of hotel properties, and whose friendship I cherish. I’ve met J.S. who is the C.E.O. of a national health care company growing at a rate of over 80% this year and who is now my better half.

C.E.O’s, Vice Presidents, Doctors, Attorneys and Career Coaches like me – you never know who you will meet that just might change the course of your job search and inspire or impact your career transition in a powerful way!

So, log off at home, lace up those shoes and get out to your local coffee shop!