Top 8 Resume Faux Paus

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In my line of work I talk Resumes and Job Search tips like Starbucks Baristas talk lattes and drip coffees. It’s likely why I blog, write and offer advice on this topic so very often; that and the fact that I love it so much. I know, call me sick but it’s true.

This week alone I’ve seen more resumes than I care to remember and I see the same Resume Faux Paus over and over again. Viola! Inspiration for a new blog post – Top 8 Resume Faux Paus:

  1. Spelling Errors
    Ahh, the #1 error remains on top year after year. Spell check only catches so much. Use your eyes – and a 2nd set of human eyes – to catch spelling, and grammar, errors.

  2. Story City
    Bullet points were created for a reason people. Use them, please. Creating a story on your resume is a terrible idea and will get it one place – the garbage.
  3. Photos
    I don’t know who came up with this idea in the first place but I wish I did. Please never put a photo of any kind (especially not bare body parts – yes, I’ve seen legs, feet and much more) on your resume. Never.
  4. Crazy Contact Info,,, – all so cute and none belong on a resume. Have a professional email address ( for your resume and job search.
  5. Defunct Details
    Ensure all contact information is relevant, and working, on your resume. It’s surprising how many times contact information is inaccurate or phone numbers don’t work.
  6. Irrelevant Info
    If you’re a Marketing Executive now and you were a waiter in college 10 years ago, it’s time to leave it off your resume. Include only relevant information to your profession and professional life on your resume.
  7. Too Personalized
    Coaching your kid’s little league team or volunteering at your church picnic is nice – but not on your resume. It’s too much information, too personal and gives away illegal information about you (parental status, religious affiliation) that can be used for discrimination.
  8. References Required
    Include a statement that lets an employer know you’ll furnish, or provide, references upon request.

If you’re thinking that you are the only one who has one of these 8 Resume Faux Paus on your resume, you are not. 85% of the resumes I review have at least half of these 8 Resume Faux Paus and that includes professionals up to Senior Vice Presidents and “C” level officers. The best advice I have is to avoid these 8 Resume Faux Paus and put your best foot forward in today’s crowded market.

Go get ’em,

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