Overqualified for the Job?

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In today’s market it’s common to hear “you’re overqualified” when applying, or even interviewing, for a job. What do you do when you need a job and are met with this response?

First things first, put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes to understand the objection so you can overcome it. Hiring managers #1 concern with hiring an overqualified applicant is fear. They’re afraid you’re going to take the job and leave when the economy turns around and you can find a better paying, more challenging position. They’re also afraid to hire someone that’s smarter than them and might make them look bad at their job.

Are you one of these candidates? If so, use these 3 Tips to Stay Competitive as an Overqualified Applicant:

Competitive Job Seeker Tip #1: Create a resume that gets results specifically targeted to lower level positions.
Focus on facts, figures and results that will impress, yet not scare off, a hiring manager for this level position. Keep only the most recent 10 years of experience and/or positions.

Competitive Job Seeker Tip #2: Networking your way into the position vs. applying on a job board, via email or online.
People hire people. With 80% of jobs found through networking and 27.3% of new hires coming from employee referrals, candidates with a personal connection, or referral, in the door have the best chance of landing the job regardless of their (over)qualifications.

Competitive Job Seeker Tip #3: Impress in the Interview.
In today’s market the candidate who interviews best, rather than the most qualified, is who gets the job. Prepare for the job by researching the company (e.g. Hoovers, Google, Twitter) and be ready when they ask why you are the best candidate for the job (#5 toughest interview question).

Using these 3 Competitive Job Seeker Tips for Overqualified Applicants will help you, and all job seekers, win the job search game and land a great position. Focus on applying your skills, doing your best and in time, if it’s a good company, when the company grows your career will grow and advance with it as well.

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