Get Clear. Get Results.

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Clarity is a powerful thing in life, business, career, relationships and finances. There’s not an area of life that clarity doesn’t create a laser focus that leads to powerful results.

Why is clarity so important to results? As I often say in person, and included in my new book, Career Sudoku, Jerry Maguire put it best when he looked at Rod Tidwell and said “help me, help you”. If your only goal is money, great. Get clear about how much money. $20,000, $200,000, $2 Million or $20 Million. Know what your goal is and have a clearly defined picture of it so whatever you do is to achieve that goal.

The same goes for your career goal. If your goal is to make money with your career, then you’re already done. Set your financial goal and find a career you love and let it lead you to the money. Be careful of letting your thoughts limit you.

Clarity Create Results: Real Life
Most people would never image dog training to make them millions. Many parents certainly don’t say “study hard so you can be a dog trainer one day,” – mine didn’t. Don’t tell Cesar Millan that; he knew at the age of 13 he was going to be the best dog trainer in the world and he told his mom just that. When he came to the U.S. at 21 (illegally from Mexico, unable to speak English) he got a job at a dog grooming shop and another driving limos. That was 1990. He’s now know as the “Dog Whisperer” with an empire that includes a #1 rated National Geographic series, a top rated Television series, three NY Times best selling books, a magazine, private foundation focused on his dog philosophy.

Many times when I write blog posts they’re relevant to something in my life be it a client call, conversation, twitter question, facebook post, etc. Today’s post was because as I add “author” to my portfolio of career coach and speaker it requires me to get clear on what it is I want to accomplish with my business.

You see, it’s rather simple to see if you have a clearly defined job search strategy or business vision. Look at the results. Are they good? If not, get clear and you will get results.

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