Get Linked In to a New Opportunity

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65 Million Professionals know what they’re doing when they log in to LinkedIn each day to network with colleagues around the world. If you follow basic job search advice you already know that 80% of jobs are landed through networking and while I’m a strong advocate of lacing up, logging off and heading out the door to network in person, if you’re in an anti-social mood and want to “network” online, you want to be doing it on LinkedIn.

First things first, this post (and I) are in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, LinkedIn. What I am affiliated with is making the most of every opportunity, employed or unemployed.  This little-site-that-could has turned into a virtual professional networking powerhouse. Consider these facts:

  • 65 Million Professionals
  • 200 countries
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish
  • Free to join and use
  • Excluse job listings
  • Recruiters LOVE it
  • 73% of recruiters spend their time online
  • Your LI profile appears in Google search results
  • 85% of hiring managers Google a candidate before, or after, an interview (

If you’re not linked in already, it’s time to get on this bandwagon and get your professional social status (and google results) moved up. If you’re already linked in, what’s your profile saying about you? Is it optimized to show your best foot forward?

Your profile is a virtual online resume. Does it align with what you want employers to see about you? Is your summary saying “I’m the most creative Marketing Director you’ve never met. My innovation will make you, and your bottom-line, happy.” or is it the plain old “Results-oriented, self-motivated Marketing Director with a focus on clients and sales.” borrrrrrinng. blah.

For tips on how to enhance your LI profile, check out this cool series of videos:

For 6 Ways to Use LinkedIn – and Social Media Job Search Strategies including Google, Facebook and Twitter – check out

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