Dallas or Bust

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Dear Adriana,

I have decided I’m moving to Dallas, Texas by November 1st, job or no job. I’m either going to take a 6 week personal leave or resign from my current job. How should I answer this question in an interview?

“Why did you leave your last position?”

Dear Dallas or Bust,
Congratulations on making a decision to move and giving yourself a deadline. First, you may be able to answer this question easily, and honestly, by saying that you’re currently on a leave of absence while you organize your desired relocation to the booming metropolis of Dallas, TX.

If you chose to resign from your position, focus on your answer on the employer and your decision to relocate rather than your former company. For example, “As you know, Dallas is ranked #1 as the fastest growing US city, it’s tracking ahead of nearly every other city for economic development and more Fortune 500 corporations call it home than nearly any other city. When I began evaluating my career growth and advancement, I took location into account and decided I wanted to be a part of the best city, and state, in the country.”

We all know Texans love their state, and Dallas dwellers love their city. What better way to connect than compliment their hometown and location while proving you’ve done your homework before you relocated. This answer will put the focus on your knowledgeable relocation rather than on your decision to resign and move by a self-determined deadline.

Go get ’em, Dallas.

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