Lessons from "The Apprentice"

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Last Thursday night, I cancelled my business dinner and curled up on my couch for a little “me” time. We all have those nights when we need to just relax alone and this was one of those nights for me. I put on my glasses, a comfy pair of pants, t-shirt and grabbed my remote. Ah, time for a little TV. Donald Trump had other plans for me when he announced this season of “The Apprentice” was recession-based. What? My mind jumped to action.

My clients can definitely benefit from this season’s show!  So much for relaxing TV night. My ears perked up, along with my posture, and I was tuned in to the show like it was CNN‘s latest report on the unemployment numbers.

This week’s lesson from “The Apprentice” that all job seekers in America can use:

Lesson #1:  You are what you wear
Clint, while in the Boardroom, decided to show up for the most important interview of his life, without a tie. Did it go without comment? Nope. Don Jr. called him out in front of all 16 candidates, Donald Trump Sr. and Ivanka. Clint’s response was that he’d wear a tux, a suit with tie or anything else if it meant getting the job.

The reality is that he didn’t though, he showed up in the boardroom dressed too casually and it showed. Every other person in that room (a.k.a. his competition) was dressed to impress and ready to take the job right from under him at any minute.

Always remember that you are what you wear and the details matter.  Donald Trump responded that years ago Wall Street guys would show up in shorts and shirts to sell him and now every one of them walks in his office in a suit, tie and polished shoes.

Tonight’s episode of  “The Apprentice” airs on NBC at 10/9c and if you’re in the high-stakes game of looking for a job, you just might want to tune in…or set your DVR to record it. You can bet I’ll be tuning in each week to find out what these feisty candidates are up to and how I can coach you on turning their antics into successful job search strategies the next week!


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