Got The Job Search Blues?

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You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, rather than buying it from the local cafe like you used to not so long ago, and head straight for your laptop. Powering it up you hope for those tiny three little words “You’ve got mail.” Okay, you might not actually hear the words but you still hope that your inbox will hold news from one of the resumes you sent. Just one response email, today, please. You open your email only to realize that today the only offer you’ve received is from Viagra, and while it enhance something, it isn’t your checking account.

Another day on the job search, what’s a job search candidate to do? Here are some tactics to get you through the job search blues and lighten your spirits along the way.

1. Focus your frustration – and might as well be sisters. If you’re posting your resume on Monster and hoping the right employer will find you, you might be waiting until 2012. Take your frustration and focus it on a niche site, like (aka JDate ), where a particular group is looking for someone just like you. You’ll have better results although you still need a catchy headline.

2. Work It Off – I know, I know, this is exactly what you’re trying to do, work. There is more way than one to work it off. Get out of the house and walk, run, bike or snowshoe. A study published on WebMD concluded that just 10 minutes of exercise improves mood, helps you feel more clear-headed, reduces feelings of fatigue and increases vigor. Sitting for 30 minutes has no effect on mood.

3. Give Back – While you’re out, walk on over to your local community outreach center and volunteer. It’s good for your soul, and your job search. According to World Volunteer, 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteer experience over one without and 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to an employee’s skills.

4. Smile – Remember the old adage ‘fake it until you make it’? Well, if you’re not happy yet, smile until you are happy. There’s now science that suggests we can fool our brains into thinking we are happy simply by smiling. I’m a believer in this and I live it by smiling as often as possible. Don’t believe it? Fake it until you do.

September Unemployment Numbers Give Little Insight

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The U.S. Dept of Labor released the September unemployment numbers under speculation that America’s employment situation has continued to get worse. The speculation proved to be just that, as the numbers show no change staying at 9.6% in September, the same rate as in August. Some economists chose to rely on more relevant data as these numbers show the employment situation for the previous month and today’s market is changing on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

A recent survey conducted by shows that there’s been a 1% increase in Job Board postings as of late, however it still remains a fact that networking is how 80% of the jobs are landed in today’s market (ABC News). Adding to this news is that about 80% of employers surveyed by Manpower last month reported that they would not be increasing their hiring in fourth quarter.

“It’s the toughest employment market in most our lifetimes, and hopefully it won’t get any worse.” said Richard Wahlquist, CEO of American Staffing Association. “But it’s not likely to get any better in the coming months.”