10 Great Last Minute Gifts for the Job Seeker's Soul

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This holiday season buy a gift that will inspire, ignite and excite a job seeker’s soul.  Think about the last time you opened a present and were truly excited to receive it. The best part about gift giving is knowing the person and what to give them.
Looking for a new job, particularly in one of the worst economic climates since the Great Depression, brings about frustration, a lack of energy and exhaustion. Those who are employed might not understand how difficult and tiring it actually is to job search, albeit full-time or part-time.

Here are 10 great last-minute gift ideas for the today’s job seekers:

  1. 30 or 60-minute massage (aha, relaxation)
  2. Fandango movie gift certificates (2 hours of mind-numbing release)
  3. 30 day subscription to TheLadders.com premium service
  4. New briefcase
  5. Nordstrom gift card to buy a new interviewing outfit
  6. Gift certificate for a new market-focused resume
  7. The hottest new job search bookCareer Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game”
  8. Fresh manicure (to use the day before an interview)
  9. Restaurant.com gift card (everyone deserves a night out)
  10. Babysitting services (for interview day or just to get away)

The best part about many of these is that you can log online, order the gift card and viola – shopping and the gift – are done in less than 10 minutes! Now that’s a holiday gift that makes both of you happy.

Feed Your Soul and Your Job Search

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When was the last time you were frustrated with your job search? If you’re like any many of the job seekers I have the pleasure of speaking with every day it was probably within the past week.  Looking for a new job is frustrating and tiring. Yes, for those of you who aren’t looking for a job full-time, it’s a tiring pursuit.
Job Search Drain
How can job searching be so damn draining on your body? What drains your body is your mind and your mental state. When you had a job you were used to a routine that likely included waking up, getting dressed and heading to work for a day of productivity before coming back home for the night. Being out of work also means being out of a daily routine and that weighs on your mind, body and your soul. According to FamilyDoctor.org, losing your job can cause everything from a change in appetite to high blood pressure, extreme tiredness or insomnia and heart palpitations. 
Fuel Your Job Search
Fuel Your Job Search. Feed Your Soul
If you want to fuel your job search you need to fuel your soul. This time of the year is better than any to find ways to feed your soul.  If you love children, support Operation Smile. Are you a traveling nomad? Fuel your soul and volunteer abroad with Cross Cultural Solutions. Want to stay close to home and explore different ways to fuel your soul and job search? Check out VolunteerMatch
Benefits of Fueling Up
Does feeding your soul really fuel your job search? According to the United Way, in addition to the sheer soul improving feelings of giving back (which I know is why you want to do it, right?), your resume gets a kick too. Employers like to see that you’re keeping your teamwork skills active and it’s a great way to make networking contacts. Volunteering can also be included as a current activity in the “community involvement” section of your resume showing that you’re engaged and care about the community at large.