High-Tech Job Hunting: Text Your Way to a New Job

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mobile phone job hunting“We need to talk” I knew what was coming. Everyone knows what’s coming when someone says that line, right? In my case, this is when the guy mentions the one thing I’m likely unwilling to change – my addiction to the baby. The baby is my crackberry (aka blackberry) and I sleep with her next to my pillow until 5a.m. when she comes into bed with me. What? If he was all that great I’m sure I would’ve put her on silent and waited until at least 6a.m. to bring her to bed.

We both know I’m not the only one that keeps my smartphone bedside at night and checks it first thing in the morning. Good news is that now there’s one more reason to keep it there – job are being delivered via text message. First we had email notifications, then we had LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook apps and now text messaging.

High-Tech Job Hunting
Job hunting continues to go high tech as companies seek out the savviest and smartest candidates on the market. If you’re just figuring out how to “pimp out” your Linked In profile to reach the 95% of employers sourcing candidates on this hot social network, it’s time to make sure that’s done because companies are already on to even newer, hotter medium.

How Effective Is Mobile Job Hunting
Corporate recruiting departments have become as savvy as marketing departments these days. Given 1,000+ resumes flood in for nearly every job posting, they’ve found a way to source the best candidates and it’s text messaging. Why? Text message open rates are 98% versus email open rates at just 22% and that means the right candidates, already in their system, will open jobs that meet their qualifications.

Get Engagejob search text alertsd with Mobile Job Searching
ABC’s Good Morning America spotlighted two major corporations already engaged in this high-tech recruiting method earlier this week. On the careers section of AT&T’s website, anyone can sign up to join the company’s Talent Network to receive hot job leads via text message based on location and job type. So far more than 700,000 people have opted in, giving them the first notification of AT&T openings.

Ernst & Young is launching a campaign in February targeting college campuses for its entry-level hiring. A unique QR code featured on campus posters and tabletop displays gives students to access a special area on the E&Y website to take a short quiz that assesses firm knowledge. Job seekers are prompted to sign up for text alerts to learn more about what’s happening with hiring at Ernst & Young.

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