FREE Career Coaching Today!

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84% of employed professionals are looking for jobs in 2011! Talk about competition. That makes 30 Million active job seekers in the market. How do you stand out?

Here are 5 Ways:

  1. Have a Resume That Gets Results
  2. Find out where 95% of employers are looking for candidates
  3. Know What It Takes Answer Interview Questions Confidently…in Under 30 Seconds
  4. Create a Job Search Strategy That Works…and Work It
  5. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

A few more facts and stats for job seekers in 2011 to consider…

  • 9 Out of 10 Resumes End Up in the Trash?
  • Hiring Managers Decide in the First 8 Seconds if They’re Going to Hire You?
  • 80% of Companies are Using Social Media to Recruit New Employees?

I know this is a lot of information, and can seem overwhelming to the average job seeker – or professional – for that matter. What do you do and how to do you compete?  Join me today for a FREE Career Coaching Tele-Class. This 60-minute tele-class will cover job search strategy and how to stand out in today’s high stakes game of changing careers including resumes, interviewing, social media and job offer negotiation.

Time: 12ET/9PT (Today)

Call-In Number: 605-562-3000

Access Code: 996576#

Today’s Free Career Coaching Tele-Class does have limited capacity. Those that dial-in first will have the benefit of the class however, I’ll do my best to work the technology and attempt to record it. That said, no promises – I’m a talented coach but when it comes to technology, well…I stick to coaching!