Can Daycare Predict Job Growth?

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Can the cutest and littlest Americans help predict the future of the biggest ones? That’s what Bernard Baumohl of Economic Outlook Group, a Princeton, N.J.-based research firm would have us believe.  Baumohl’s reasoning is based on the number of daycare center workers and those that will be hired therefore gauging the labor market based on the hiring within daycare centers.

The Science of Daycare
While this chicago day careis certainly a scientific way to go about things, and I’m usually all for the numbers, I’m going to go for a baseline logic argument on this one. This group’s research shows that daycare center hiring is up 0.3% in January and nearly 1% since August, a sure sign of job growth in that sector. While this is great news, please tell me there are better things to spend research dollars, energy, time and education on than this.

Daycare or Daddy Care?
Do we really need a research firm to tell us that job growth is up when daycare centers start to have a boom in hiring? Let me play out a scenario on why I say the answer is NO. When mom and dad are out of work, there’s really no need to put little Joey in daycare is there? As the job market turns around and mom lands a new job, dad’s now at home playing with the little man during the day.  Interview calls come in and now dad needs daycare to get back in the game. Booya! Dad lands a sweet new gig and little Joey is back at Miss Daisy’s Daycare come Monday morning.

Future Predictions
When mom and dad get back to work, the kids get back to daycare. I see this as less science and more logic. I’m grateful that the scientists at Economic Outlook Group are watching hiring trends, I’d rather see predictive modeling on hiring trends across less logical industries for the next 6, 9 and 12 mos.

Give Your Job Search a Good Laugh

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Most days of the week I wake up smiling. I actually laugh in my sleep, it’s true. I don’t talk or snore, I laugh like George Carlin’s doing stand up in my bedroom. It’s good to be happy and it’s good for your job search too.

Boost Your Job Search By Laughing

Do something today that makes you laugh or laugh at something you would otherwise cry about. Here’s what I did…I fell down my stairs. Not intentionally of course but because I’m a complete and utter klutz. I always have been and this morning instead of berating myself I started laughing hysterically, and then said a short gratitude for not breaking my ankle!  Give yourself a good old boost of happiness and see how much better your job search is for it. Go ahead, it’s easy enough to do (and it’s free)!

Why Happiness Affects Your Search

Employers are overwhelmed in today’s market. 1,200 applicants per opening, 5-10 interviews per candidate and dozens of candidates for each job. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. What’s better than interviewing a happy, smiling, positive candidate? If you think it’s just me that has this attitude…after all, this is coming from a career coach that laughs in her sleep…take a recent conversation I had with a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company with over 150,000 employees.

From The Hiring Suite
Senior executives to managers, hiring decision makers are finding that unemployed people’s personalities have become toxic and they’ve lost their excitement. As a career coach, this news is disheartening yet not surprising. While I coach job seekers for a living, 90% of my clients are gainfully employed and focus on improving their skills, looking for the next great opportunity to go above and beyond where they are today.

Taking time to laugh, smile and allowing your happiness to come back to life will positively impact your job search. After all, who would you rather work with? A happy you or an unhappy  you? Get your happy on.

The Personal Side of Job Searching

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It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me, or follows me on Foursquare or Twitter, that I can often be found in a Starbucks regardless of what city I happen to be working in on any given day of the week. What may be a surprise is that there’s more reason behind this than merely my self-admitted caffeine addiction.

The Real Social Network
Job Search SuccessRelationships are built around cups of coffee and what’s better than a 2 for 1? Relationship building and coffee…I’m there! The relationships built face to face, be it over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, are more personal than those developed on the phone or through today’s popular social networks. When I work from Florida, there’s a sense of comfort knowing that Thomas or Todd may stop in to Starbucks and we’ll have a conversation about anything from business to politics. This scenario plays out in coffee shops coast to coast, each morning people meet new faces and develop friendships and business relationships. This is a real social network.

Do You Click?

In “Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game” I reference that in-person communication is 7 to 10 times more effective than over the phone. Just today I tweeted an article from Inc. that quoted fellow authors, and brothers, Rom and Ori Brafman’s advice to show up face to face for meetings as well. The Bros. Brofman break down the essential of connecting face to face in their book “Click: The Magic of Instant Connections”.

Ori Brafman elaborates on this connection in a recent saying “In a world of Skype and video-calling, it is tempting to use technology to meet people, but the research is definitive: we click with people we meet face to face.” He adds: “The most important part of any meeting is…when you take the time to get to know the people you’re meeting with as individuals and the chance to click occurs—that just doesn’t happen when you’re talking to someone on the phone.”

Lace Up and Log Off
I was recently told its “crazy” that I have so many friends and colleagues whom I’ve met at Starbucks. Is it crazy? I find it amazing and wonderful. My advice is that you take this opportunity to lace up your shoes, log offline and go meet someone face to face because there’s nothing quite like a personal connection.