Can Daycare Predict Job Growth?

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Can the cutest and littlest Americans help predict the future of the biggest ones? That’s what Bernard Baumohl of Economic Outlook Group, a Princeton, N.J.-based research firm would have us believe.  Baumohl’s reasoning is based on the number of daycare center workers and those that will be hired therefore gauging the labor market based on the hiring within daycare centers.

The Science of Daycare
While this chicago day careis certainly a scientific way to go about things, and I’m usually all for the numbers, I’m going to go for a baseline logic argument on this one. This group’s research shows that daycare center hiring is up 0.3% in January and nearly 1% since August, a sure sign of job growth in that sector. While this is great news, please tell me there are better things to spend research dollars, energy, time and education on than this.

Daycare or Daddy Care?
Do we really need a research firm to tell us that job growth is up when daycare centers start to have a boom in hiring? Let me play out a scenario on why I say the answer is NO. When mom and dad are out of work, there’s really no need to put little Joey in daycare is there? As the job market turns around and mom lands a new job, dad’s now at home playing with the little man during the day.  Interview calls come in and now dad needs daycare to get back in the game. Booya! Dad lands a sweet new gig and little Joey is back at Miss Daisy’s Daycare come Monday morning.

Future Predictions
When mom and dad get back to work, the kids get back to daycare. I see this as less science and more logic. I’m grateful that the scientists at Economic Outlook Group are watching hiring trends, I’d rather see predictive modeling on hiring trends across less logical industries for the next 6, 9 and 12 mos.

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