Happy 13th Anniversary (or Not)

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Today is my Anniversary. Let me start by saying I’ve never been very good with dates, particularly Anniversary dates but this one was easier to remember this year. Despite the reminder I had, I still didn’t remember until mid-tooth brushing and even then I had to grab my crackberry to double check that I had the date correct.

Yes, today is March 14th.  It’s definitely my Anniversary. 13 years ago today among nearly 150 friends, family and assorted other folks who claimed to be family, although I don’t recall every having met them, I was married.  That’s right, today is my Wedding Anniversary.

Make It A Double
job search frustrationIt’s also another Anniversary; 5 years after I was married, the very same week, in front of no one special and without any special attire or flowers, I was divorced. What had taken 14 months of planning and endless hours of conversations down to the tiniest detail took less than a 30 minutes to unravel in a bland court proceeding that neither my now ex-husband and I were present for in-person. Amazing, sad and true that our divorce did not have even the two of us present yet our marriage had over 150 of us present.

I wonder what would have happened if all the wedding guests would have been required, or at least requested, to attend the divorce proceedings to watch the union they witnessed dissolve in front of the eyes? What impact would that have had on each of them? How had their lives changed in the 5 years that we were married?

Time Changes Us
Over the years we all change in our own ways and that’s the primary reason our marriage didn’t last. He changed one way and I changed a different way (I say he went left; I went right). Many times no one’s right or wrong, it just is what it is. When you look at your life and determine where you’re at, be it in your relationships or in your career, take a minute to consider how you’ve changed and what impact those changes have had on the world around you.

Then and Now
13 yrs ago when I was married, I was the only married member of my family, was the aunt to one 3 yr old nephew, lived in the suburbs of Colorado and enjoyed my successful Fortune 500 HR career. Today, I’m a single gal loving the city life in Chicago, have 4 nephews (that 3 yr is about to get his driver’s license – ahhh), have had a successful career coaching practice for 10+ yrs and am ready to find the guy that I hope to someday build family of my own with (applications being accepted).

career focusIt’s All About You
Why share my anniversary with you? During times of change – career or relationship – things can seem frustrating or confusing – and that’s when you need to stay focused and motivated. Keep on track and know that working a strategy will result in a positive outcome. You may not know exactly what lies ahead (I had no idea I’d have four beautiful nephews at this point) yet it will be exactly what’s supposed to be for you.

If you’re wondering how a single city gal celebrates her 13th Anniversary (5 married/8 divorced); she goes on a date! Wish me luck….

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