Turning Your Passion Into a Career

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When I was little I remember watching my mom bake cakes for hours on end. I would fall asleep to the sound of the mixer whipping up her newest concoction and wake up to the scent of freshly baked cakes and goodies. She has 80+ State Championship baking awards; baking is my mother’s passion. Unfortunately, she only pursued it as a hobby selling cakes to country clubs and friends while working her way up the corporate ladder at United Airlines. Imagine if she’d spurred the great cupcake craze or become The Cake Boss before Buddy was ever born! Her journey isn’t over yet…Susie’s Goodies may become a hit, outside our family, yet.

Passion is a fire that burns within you; it can’t be taught. It’s the areas of life that motivate you from within, that bring you joy and happiness without thinking. This week, while watching one of my favorite news-magazines, 60 Minutes, featuring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the founders of South Park, I was reminded just how powerful passion is when combined with commitment. Park and Stone began as college buddies in Colorado getting along mostly, according to them, because their humor styles only blended with one another. These friends and business partners have been entertaining fans with their famous South Park animated comedy characters for over 15 years tackling nearly every off-color, faux paus subject most writers would avoid like the plague. The two write, direct and voice over each episode within 6 days delivering one episode a week and somehow found the time to produce an Emmy-Winning play, The Book of Mormon. This award-winning Broadway hit is sold out for over 9 months and makes the South Park show look mild when tackling tough topics. Religion, Sex, AIDS, the topics they make light of go on and on and the critics laugh as hard as the audience.

Secret To Success

The secret to success, for Stone and Parker as well as any professional, is to find what you have a passion for and make a commitment to it. When Stone and Parker hit the road to L.A. with their big dreams and passion, they found success accompanied by an initial $100K investment for a movie. When the $100K ran out and the movie basically fell flat, they stuck together, stood by their passion and headed back to Colorado where their found a new $1,200 project for a holiday card. It wasn’t much but it was a start, and it paid. That card became a viral sensation before viral networks and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter even existed. The success of one card turned into a contract for a few episodes that ultimately became South Park.

How You Can Make This Happen

Step #1: Identify Your Passion
Step #2: Seek Knowledge (Find A Mentor, Coach, Guide)
Step #3: Get Involved (e.g. community, volunteer at small co./start-up, apprentice, etc)

Translating your passion into a successful career takes time, commitment and the conscious choice to do so. The “South Park Guys” are comedians with funky senses of humor at heart, they translated this into successful careers by identifying outlets that were lucrative. In the process, they opened themselves up to creating a strong partnership built on trust and respect with one another. Join me on Saturday, 10/8 at 9:00a.m. for a 1 hour TeleSummit: “Motivated by Passion: Igniting the Fire Within” to explore how to find your true passion, what it takes to tap into the fire within, how your inner passion translates into a career, real-life stories of 10 people, just like you, that made it happen!

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