My Apology, Promise and Gratitude for You

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In the spirit of open communication and maintaining the most positive relationship with each you, I am going to share something very personal with you on today’s blog. Five years ago, after a long struggle, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I live each day as a healthy person, because I am, with the awareness that someday this little bugger may rear it’s ugly little head and ‘bother’ me. This past month or so, it has done more than rear it’s head – it’s downright poked it’s head up and demanded my attention.

I spent the past 7 days in the hospital hooked up to two IVs dripping fluids and medication while kind natured technicians took new blood samples nearly every 4 hours. Before I could do too much guessing I knew why they were taking so many blood samples.  While in the hospital, they diagnosed a second autoimmune disease based in one of my organs and, the day after my release (yesterday), I was given results that there’s a strong possibility I have a third autoimmune disease as well. Apparently when I do something, I like to Go Big or Go Home! Who even knew that one person could have a trifecta of autoimmune diseases?

Through all of this, I was blessed to be in the hands of talented physicians and caring, good humored nurses at Northwestern – thank you.

If you didn’t notice I was away, it’s because I have the most amazing assistant and client relations coordinator, Irvine, on the planet. She that has been coordinating the daily needs of the company and clients, going above and beyond (thank you). However, it’s my role to lead this business to success regardless of a single autoimmune disease or a trifecta of them.

My Apology to you
I am sorry for letting you down as a service provider, a coach, a business owner and a colleague. My role as C.E.O. demands that I be prepared for times when I am absent so that your needs are properly addressed. My role as a coach is to set an example, I have failed to do that for you, and I am sorry. I ask for you to accept my apology.

My Commitment to You
I am committed to getting back to greatness and delivering the high quality service that is synonymous with adrianallames career services. I am committed to knowing, and respecting, my boundaries. I am committed to creating products and services that we can deliver on for you, our clients, 100% of the time – regardless of my health. I am committed to being healthy, trifecta or not.

My Gratitude for You
Thank you for being my clients, colleagues, friends, fans and supporters. it takes a great deal to build a business over the years and sustain it day to day, week to week, month to month. Your ongoing support and business is greatly appreciated.

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