Goliath Google vs. Facebook Mark: Google Loses the Battle

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Social media’s space has become so crowded that CNBC now has a Social Media stock analyst whose entire specialty are the social media stocks. Groupon, LinkedIn, Google and the closely watched upcoming Facebook IPO including commentary on its pre-IPO private market performance.

Goliath Google launches +

Google launched it’s own social network, Google+, in July 2011 hoping to compete with wide-eyed 27-year old Mark Zuckerberg’s dominant Facebook. How’s the Goliath’s social network done? It’s proven that sometimes the old legend of David and Goliath still holds true. Google+ has declined for 5 consecutive months in referral traffic despite it’s 260MM Gmail users, and has seen its share of referral traffic drop by 82% since launching. Right now it’s looking more like Google- than Google+ yet I give them credit for staying the course with their vision.

Charlie Bit My Finger
Charlie’s brother became a YouTube star when nearly 28MM visitors watched Charlie bite his finger via YouTube and 397MM more watched him do it again. Did someone at Google forget they own the social network powerhouse that is ranked #3 in the world and has nearly 3MM sites referring traffic to it? YouTube, which Google bought in ’06 for $1.65B, has 33% of the global internet traffic market share, daily. Did they really need to reinvent the entire wheel rather than simply leverage this asset and integrate new features?

Facebook’s unstoppable force
The dominant source of referral traffic, 1000 times more referrals than Google+ (wow, talk about competition). The #1 site in the world. New applications installed 20MM times each day. 800MM users each month and from every country imaginable. Besides kicking every other social media platforms toukas, Facebook’s simply the best and the most fun. Why?

It’s where your friends, family and old schoolmates are at and it’s where the new fun, creative games and applications can be found. It’s easy to use and fun to check in with whether you’re on your phone, iPad or computer. Can Facebook’s dominance be stopped? We have yet to see a true competitor that can match it but until they arrive, this is one place that you want your brand to dominate in your industry.

Social brand power
Personal brand or business brand, these networks and their users have tremendous influence and power. Where do you spend your time? On the network with the most influence of course and that’s Facebook. The other networks lag far behind yet coming in second is StumbleUpon, YouTube and LinkedIn. Professionals, go to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Business owners and leaders, hit up Facebook, YouTube and Twitter along with integrating blogs. Both groups can think of YouTube as your Google integration since Google+ is more of a minus for now.

Real Salaries of 2011: What’s Ahead in 2012

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Considering a new career? Before you jump into a new industry or profession, read this. From personal chefs to commercial pilots, corrections officers and celebrity realtors, here’s what they actually made last year.
Personal chefs to plastic surgeons

  • Allison, a PA-based personal chef, $55,000
  • Angela, Social Media Manager, $42,000
  • AnneMarie, Newspaper Reporter, $26,000
  • Cindy, Elementary School Secretary, $17,500
  • Chad, Beverly Hills Celebrity Realtor, $1 Million+
  • Bill, Corrections Officer, $44,000
  • Bryan, FedEx Pilot, $148,000
  • Frank, Plastic Surgeon, $1 Million
  • Helen, Registered Dietician, $72,000
  • Jeanine, Library Director, $38,000
  • Julie, Food Truck Owner, $43,000
  • Sandi, Emergency Room Registered Nurse, $50,000

A look ahead
With the U.S. economy teetering daily like the teeter-totter on a children’s playground, it’s smart to focus your career on skills that you know well. If you’re considered an expert, employers will pay. If you’re thinking “now’s the time to go out on my own”, check your savings account for 12 months of living expenses and ensure it’s and industry the economy is backing.

Salaries will stay at their current rates for 2012 and those receiving job offers will have room to negotiate for their fair market value. Engage salary tools (e.g. payscale.com, salary.com and glassdoor.com) to determine your fair market value when engaging in salary negotiations.

285,000 jobs a month for 5 years
While the Economic Policy Institute predicts it would take 285,000 new jobs per month for the next 5 years for our economy to return to pre-recession unemployment levels, all it takes for you to return to that state is one new job. Focus on that one and it’s a far more attainable goal.

3 Hot Industries in 2012
The hot industries remain consistent in 2012: Healthcare, Digital/Social Media and Green Energy. If you’re already in these industries, great for you. If you’re looking to break into one of these, focus on skills that transfer easily (e.g. project management, client relations, team management, accounting). Most importantly, connect the dots for the hiring manager in your personal brand, on your resume, LinkedIn profile and during the interview.

Career Advice and Job Search TIps from Sears CMO

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When I began my business I had no idea that the luxuries of a flexible work schedule and being the boss came alongside being the janitor, IT department and paying more taxes than I’d ever thought imaginable. Owning a business has quite a few drawbacks but this week I was blessed with a business owner bonus.

I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with two heavy-hitting senior executives, the CMO of Sear’s Tools & Hardware and CMO of Sear’s Online & eCommerce. These two guys run the famous Craftsman brand and a Fortune 100 retail website for an iconic brand. Sears may be a bit stale, sorry guys, but it’s a brand many American’s love. In fact, we still own Craftsman tools that my grandfather, rest his soul, bought when my mom was growing up.

As we chatted over salad and salmon, they dished out their recipe for a successful career in today’s digital world inside Corporate America.

  • Engage Socially – social media is the future. get engaged online, chirping and chatting to connect with brands that are moving forward (and hiring).
  • Eyes Open – when working inside Fortune 500 organizations, if you look for walls, you’ll find them. If you look for opportunity and open doors, you’ll find that also. Do the latter.
  • Opportunity – it exists and is best accessed via networking. Executives at this level are working double time right now and to capture their attention, you need to be personally networked in to see them, and it’s best if it’s around a key initiative.
  • Flexibility – make it easy to meet with them near/at their location when they can meet you rather than near you and around your schedule.
  • Backbone – if you’re an expert in your area, then they expect you’ll have a backbone and not back down at the first sign of pressure.
  • Results – what can you do for me lately is common inside Corporate America’s walls today. if you deliver, you’ll do well.

Bill Kiss, is the Chief Marketing Officer of  Tools & Hardware, which includes over 400 brands and 30,000 products, and the Blue Tool Crew. He has agreed to do an in-depth interview on personal branding, social media, networking and how they’ve played a role in his 2011 hiring and 2012 hiring plans. Our in-depth interview on his executive hiring practices will be released on January 2, 2012. Like adrianallames career services on facebook to get access to this exclusive content!

Executive Recruiting Secrets: My Interview with MVP Recruiters CEO

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Are you tired of reading how to revise and refresh your resume? I’m tired of writing and speaking about resume and interview tips too! That’s what inspired me to go in search of how to really get you, today’s job seeker, in front of recruiters and hiring managers. What advice do these hard to reach guys (and gals) have for you?

Meet Andrew Gagen, CEO of MVP Recruiters, an executive search firm that specializes in what they call “hyper-niche” recruiting with one of the most sought after skill sets in the market – Chief Information Officers and enterprise architects. Andrew and I sat down at the famous Palmer House Hilton where he shared what you can do to get to the top of his resume stack (and it’s quite a stack) and what today’s job seekers need to avoid doing.

CEO of Me, Inc.
A common theme throughout our entire conversation was that you need to be the CEO of Me, Inc. and clearly communicate what you want, how you add value and what your expertise is in today’s market. If you’re out networking or, as Gagen stated in his direct yet tactful style, “If you were just at Thanksgiving dinner at your cousin doesn’t know what you do, there’s a problem.”

Expertise pays
“Today’s candidate’s are a mile wide and an inch deep when they need to be a mile deep and an inch wide. Employers pay for expertise, strategic thinking and thought leadership,” said Gagen, whose clients include of Visa and major financial institutions.

Standing out
Gagen put it well saying candidates need to “think like twitter, in 140 characters” to solve client’s (a/k/a employer) problems in today’s market. Focus on a high quality resume that you know will be viewed for 30-60 seconds maximum. “LinkedIn is a must have in any industry and a complete, keyword-optimized profile is critical.”

Social media, video resumes and job boards
I wasn’t about to let a guy like this get away without asking his opinion about the hot topics job seekers really want to know. Here it is.
Social Media – Essential to have the same (professional) image across all social networks. | LinkedIn is a must have. | Facebook is an up-and-coming social recruiting tool. | Twitter is great for job searching and expanding your network.
Video Resumes“Give someone a reason to talk to you; these are a fixed message. I don’t like them. Next question.”
Job Boards – good place to find companies and recruiters that are hiring, then leverage your network to connect with them.

#1 way to get hired and get access to guys like Gagen

The number one way to get hired is to engage and make the employer fall in love with you in the interview – without being crazy. The #1 way to land an interview is still to be referred by an employee. Many companies have a rule that they interview any employee referral. To get access to guys like Gagen, he says that to honestly most recruiters aren’t very good because, like many candidates, they’re a mile wide and an inch deep; they know little about the position/job. Recruiters will use LinkedIn and their network to find candidates.
If you want to find a recruiter, use your network and look at the job boards (e.g. Monster, CareerBuilder) and use your relationships to find the moneymaker that places talent with your skill set within that recruiting company. If you’re CIO, CTO or enterprise architecture professional in the U.S., go to MVP Recruiters www.mvprecruiters.com, and mention you read about his interview with Adriana. Viola! Recruiter connection done.