Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

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Digital marketing has become the newest “it” thing lately. It’s as popular in the daily conversations of CMO’s and CEO’s as, Miley Cyrus’ latest stint is on E! News. That brings about the question of what do you need to do and what are the myths about it. Here I’ll break down the Top 5 Myths about digital marketing.

Myth #1: Your brand needs a mobile app. Some brands do need mobile apps but many do not. First, mobile marketing is a channel and you want to start thinking of it as that before you develop a plethora of apps. First ask yourself “Do people need this app?” Brands like United Airlines, Walgreens, Facebook and Twitter are examples of great apps. They solve a customer need.



Myth #2: We must try this new digital channel. Just because Taco Bell is on Snapchat, Nordstrom is on Pinterest and Home Depot is on Living Social, doesn’t mean it’s the right channel for your brand. New digital channels pop up daily and if you invest in all of them your approach will be a mile wide and an inch deep. Rather than looking at what your competitors are doing, take a look at performance on your existing channels, your budget and resources. Then develop an approach for channel expansion that allows you to systematically evaluate new digital channels.

Myth #3: Big data means big insights: It really just means big data unless you’re capable, ready and empowered to act on it. To do this, you’ll need to have a team that understands the data and can analyze, slice and dice it effectively and make it meaningful to your marketing team (likely not analytical folks, thankfully). Otherwise it’s essentially a bunch of ingredients laying around that never become a pizza.

Myth #4: We must have a Facebook page. There are good reasons to have a Facebook page, including the 1 Billion members of Facebook. However, like with any marketing channel, think before you act. A presenter once asked an audience “Should Preparation H and Viagra have Facebook pages?” I’ll leave it at that.

Myth #5: Mobile optimized is optional. This is an easy myth to debunk. How often do you read your emails, news or brand updates on your desktop/laptop vs. your mobile phone? Gotcha. Moreover, if you’re marketing via Twitter, the majority of their users are via mobile, which means those links in your posts, they need to drive to a mobile optimized site if you want conversions. Mobile optimization was optional in 2012, maybe 2013. In 2014, mobile optimized is required.

Homeless Woman Finds Shelter Through Twitter

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AnnMarie Walsh has a beautiful smile and a soul to match. What she does not have is a home. @padschicago, as she’s known to her followers, stumbled upon Twitter without any idea where it would lead.

“It was an outlet to share the feelings and emotions, sometimes bad” she shared with a group at Social Media Day Chicago recently about her initial tweets. Soon she found herself at local Tweet Ups and in the company of other twitter fans. The outlet was helping her, in many ways.

Power of a Social Brand

During one of the local TweetUps, AnnMarie met a man that would eventually change the course of her life. He later direct messaged her on Twitter and, despite initial hesitation, she replied. He was a social worker connected to a program to end homelessness at a local university; they met and with his help, she was accepted into the program, which included housing.

She’s now advanced into her second program and living safely with a roof over her head, food to eat and on her way to a long-term solution.

“Homeless Individual and Advocate”
Her story continues to inspire from TweetUp to TweetUp as @padschicago is a “Homeless Individual and Advocate” – just read her card. Yes, she has a business card, talk about personal branding! She makes it easy for you to call her, email her and tweet her. She volunteers her time, when she’s feeling up to it, helping other homeless individuals work through their challenges using the power of social media, primarily Twitter and blogs.

It’s Your Turn
I find that if a woman that’s been through the toughest of life’s challenges, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that is, can whip up a personal brand, tweet about it and network her way into a program that delivered what she needed (shelter); you can to! Grab a piece of courage from AnnMarie’s story and start your Twitter account today. Join a local TweetUp and network with fellow Twitter fans.

Once you’re on twitter, remember to follow AnnMarie @padschicago and take a stop by her blog at

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that if you’re reading this and have an extra condo sitting empty that you want to gift to AnnMarie, let her know. She’s the most inspirational, authentic and deserving person I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Own Your Personal Brand | Personal Branding

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In the past month, I have had the pleasure of meeting intelligent, engaging and ambitious professionals from all walks of life in my new role within the walls of Corporate America. Some of them have been colleagues, others partners we work with, a few candidates looking to join the organization, and even more vendors hoping to partner with the company in the future.

We have control

What I find interesting is that within any one given group I have come across, there are individuals that seem entirely subject to their surroundings. They have surrendered their personal brand to the organization for which they work, they are lost within their surroundings, and they no longer know who or what they stand for in life. I have breaking news for those folks, we have control!

In every decision, every minute of the day, you have a choice in the matter at hand. Do you want a tall non-fat cappuccino or a simple drip coffee? You decide. Do you want to work in corporate America or start your own personal business? You decide. No one is forcing you to be anywhere at any given time. This is America, we have control. That is the beauty.

Own your brand

If you find yourself in surroundings that eat away at you, own it. YOU are the only one who can change it. Is that a way to say “Quit your job!”, goodness no. It’s a way to say, own it. When someone interacts with you, it’s a reflection of your personal brand. If you’re unhappy in your professional life – be it your own business or a corporate role – it’s how your personal brand is perceived. That unhappiness seeps through to interviews, meetings and your personal life. Own your brand and take control of changing it.

Taking control: 3 easy ways

I’m going to give you the 3 easy ways to take control that only took me 10 years (and nearly $20K in therapy) to learn.

  1. Thoughts become things – think Pinterest – it’s a powerful vision board that essentially creates a Pin board of your personal brand – what does it look like to own your success? Then think of yourself already there and it will happen. Caution: this works well so be careful what you ask for
  2. Power of love – this is a biggie – have you ever met a successful person who lacked passion? Steve Jobs, Blake Mycoskie of Toms, Mark Zuckerberg all led with passion and a love for what they do each day which had delivered success professionally and personally for them.
  3. Accountability – ask yourself regularly “am I owning this or am I being a victim to this situation?” this one question will keep you present in the situation

Do What You Love and You Never Work Again

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In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Does this sound too good to be true?

For over a decade I pursued my dream and led a business that was built out of pure passion, in essence I did what I loved. While it’s true that the days meld into one another, and before you know it know it time has passed like sands through an hourglass, Confucius has one on me. In my experience, it still felt like work (particularly in the early years).

Keeping your bank accounts full

In recent years, the economic conditions have given rise to many individuals reconsidering the W2 lifestyle. Filling your back account comes in many different ways and being mindful of this is essential, particularly if you choose to fill them by pursuing your passion outside the stability of a W2 paycheck.

Stability. Finances. Health (and health insurance). Emotional stability. Physical Health. There are many areas we deposit and debit from all day long that add up to “work/life balance.” Will doing what you love deposit or debit from your mental bank account (remember to consider the stress)? How will it affect your physical account? Does it deposit or debit from your relationship bank account? All your accounts need to be balanced in order for an opportunity to be the right one.

Choosing your passion

The irony in all of this is that the majority of people (including you) possess such talents in life that when it comes to deciding about a career or business, it is less about what you love, and more about what you can do with what you love. What am I talking about? Take me for example. I love shoes (Ok, I adore them) yet without the necessary skills (e.g. designing, manufacturing, distributing) necessary to effectively run a shoe business, my chances of being successful are rather limited even with my passion. The wise choice is to choose a passion where my skills also align so I have the best choice for success.

Go for it

The first step to anything in life is making the decision to go for it. Are you ready to fill up your bank accounts by pursuing your passion full-time? If you answer YES then GO FOR IT. Choose your passion wisely, align your skill set and make the decision to start doing what you love. As Confucius said “…you will never work a day in your life.” Here’s to never working a day in our lives.