What Clients Are Saying…

You can trust the media, you can trust references but what’s better than trusted client testimonials? I’m honored to say that the overwhelming majority of my business comes from client referrals (thank you again); my clients have ‘spread the word’ about their successful results and positive experience working with me across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe. Here are just a few of their comments,please visit Linked In or Yelp for more.

“Adriana Llames is a career ninja. Anyone seeking an advantage in this job market needs a warrior with her precision coaching.” – Rheba E., San Francisco, CA

“Adriana is the ultimate career coach and personal branding expert. I went to her for a new resume and came out with new sense of confidence. I’d forgotten just how talented I was until she reminded during our interview coaching session; I hadn’t interviewed in over 15 years!” – Ariana C., Chicago, IL

“In 2010 I decided to take a different route with my career and found Adriana to be the light on the highway. Adriana, while being the consummate professional, brings the idea of support to a heightened level. Through her ever positive outlook, she succinctly shored up my resume, defined the professional roles I should be seeking, and ultimately championed my career goals.” – Rusty W., Houston, TX

“Adriana is the most effective career coach I have ever met. Together we devised a plan to land my ideal job. When I found out I had 6 interviews in one day I called her, she cleared time on her calendar to coach me through a competitive interview process and four weeks later I was hired in the ideal job that I was looking for!!!! I could not have done it without her. She simply makes you shine in the light that you deserve.” – Miranda W., Chicago, IL

“Adriana’s offerings and results are fabulous. She worked with me on my career path as well as updating my resume, linked in profile, etc. Adriana has the uncanny knack of probing deep into your experience and extracting skills you (perhaps) never thought to mention or highlight. I have received countless praise around my job-searching tools.” – Karin B., Memphis, TN

“I HIGHLY recommend Adriana as a results-focused and responsive career coach. The value of her personal branding session and resume assistance is absolutely priceless. I consider Adriana to be my secret weapon in my job search!” – Jennifer P., Charleston, SC

“I got the job!!! I never could have done it without your coaching. Thank you so much!” – Megan M., Chicago, IL

“Adriana really knows the game. She fashioned a resume that is state-of-the-art and communicates the important, performance-based specifics with style and panache…as well as the essential details–so readers get a sense of who you are in addition to the factual material. One of the best resumes I’ve seen–period.“ – Hiring Executive, San Francisco, CA

“I want you to know this is the best resume I have ever seen. The grey box highlights what I need to know, it’s well organized had everything I needed right up front. Very well done.” – Executive Vice President, Madison Square Garden (feedback to client)

‘We did it! I just left my interview with Bob and he was blown away by the interview presentation kit and by my answers. He said he’s never seen anything so impressive and he mentioned the kit 4 times. I couldn’t have done it without you. You’re my secret weapon!” – Jackie R., Chicago, IL