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Top Rated Career Coach Adriana Llames Featured on ABC, Forbes, Fox Business and NY Post

At Last! The inside secrets to get hired in today’s high stakes job search game are going to be revealed…right in front of your eyes…

Have You Ever Wondered….

“How Do I Write a Great Resume That Stands Out in Today’s Overcrowded Job Market To Get Hired?”

THE SECRET to STOP the frustration with job hunting and START a focused job search game plan that GETS RESULTS has ARRIVED!

  • Are you ready to find out HOW to capture attention from 85% of hiring managers?
  • Do you want a RESUME that gets results and lands on the hiring manager’s desk?
  • Are you ready to know how many pages your resume really needs to be?
  • Do you want to know WHAT experience to include, and exclude?
  • Are you ready to know WHAT format employers, and recruiters, really respond to?

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MORE IMPORTANTLY: Are you ready to take finally have a resume shows your true talents, puts your best foot forward and GETS RESULTS?

  • Fact 1 |  9 out of 10 resumes end up in the trash
  • Fact 2 | Employers receive an average of 1,200 resumes for each open position
  • Fact 3 | 80% of employers use social media for recruiting; 95% of them use Linked In
  • Fact 4 | 30 Million professionals are currently job seeking; up 60% from 2010 (1/2011)
  • Fact 5 | Today’s job market is worse than The Great Depression
  • TODAY…my clients have a 90%+ success rate (vs. 38% industry avg) and I just celebrate my 13th year as a career coach.

As a career coach to thousands of professionals, from Executives to Executive Assistants, Plumbers to Pharmaceutical Sales Reps, I have reviewed, revised and written over 5,500 resumes!

With my experience, you’ll get a brand new market-focused resume that gets results in today’s high stakes, over-crowded job market! You’ll never again wonder if you have a marketable resume, you’ll know you do!

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