Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Posted: April 25th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Digital Marketing | Comments Off on Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Digital marketing has become the newest “it” thing lately. It’s as popular in the daily conversations of CMO’s and CEO’s as, Miley Cyrus’ latest stint is on E! News. That brings about the question of what do you need to do and what are the myths about it. Here I’ll break down the Top 5 Myths about digital marketing.

Myth #1: Your brand needs a mobile app. Some brands do need mobile apps but many do not. First, mobile marketing is a channel and you want to start thinking of it as that before you develop a plethora of apps. First ask yourself “Do people need this app?” Brands like United Airlines, Walgreens, Facebook and Twitter are examples of great apps. They solve a customer need.



Myth #2: We must try this new digital channel. Just because Taco Bell is on Snapchat, Nordstrom is on Pinterest and Home Depot is on Living Social, doesn’t mean it’s the right channel for your brand. New digital channels pop up daily and if you invest in all of them your approach will be a mile wide and an inch deep. Rather than looking at what your competitors are doing, take a look at performance on your existing channels, your budget and resources. Then develop an approach for channel expansion that allows you to systematically evaluate new digital channels.

Myth #3: Big data means big insights: It really just means big data unless you’re capable, ready and empowered to act on it. To do this, you’ll need to have a team that understands the data and can analyze, slice and dice it effectively and make it meaningful to your marketing team (likely not analytical folks, thankfully). Otherwise it’s essentially a bunch of ingredients laying around that never become a pizza.

Myth #4: We must have a Facebook page. There are good reasons to have a Facebook page, including the 1 Billion members of Facebook. However, like with any marketing channel, think before you act. A presenter once asked an audience “Should Preparation H and Viagra have Facebook pages?” I’ll leave it at that.

Myth #5: Mobile optimized is optional. This is an easy myth to debunk. How often do you read your emails, news or brand updates on your desktop/laptop vs. your mobile phone? Gotcha. Moreover, if you’re marketing via Twitter, the majority of their users are via mobile, which means those links in your posts, they need to drive to a mobile optimized site if you want conversions. Mobile optimization was optional in 2012, maybe 2013. In 2014, mobile optimized is required.