LinkedIn and Facebook: What’s the difference?

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This afternoon I spent 2 hours working side by side with one of my apprentice coaches and my intern showing them how to build a ‘pimped out’ professional LinkedIn profile. To change things up, we headed to Starbucks rather than working at the office. While we were working, a gentleman (Ben) leaned over and asked “Are you guys ghostwriters?” I smiled and said, “Only for LinkedIn and resumes.” He then asked for a card; he had just finished an interview.

LinkedIn’s Not For Me
Since we’d just stepped next door from the office, I grabbed my laptop and phone but not my cards (bad, bad idea). To make sure he had our information, I asked Irvine to email him. When she sent it to him, he commented “Oh great, I could use your help. I need a new job although I don’t think LinkedIn is for me; Facebook is the same anyway.” To which she said, “LinkedIn is more of a professional networking site whereas Facebook is for family and friends.”

I was busy working with Barb and only found out about the exchanged third hand at the end of our meeting later (when I was so proud I gleamed with joy). Irvine was spot on in her assessment. Many professionals I meet, speak with and coach respond to the idea of networking and connecting on LinkedIn with “it’s not for me” or “my company doesn’t really use LinkedIn” or “LinkedIn isn’t used in my industry/profession.” If I only had a dollar for every time I heard that I’d be…well, far better off financially than I am now.

Consider these facts: 100MM+ professional, registered users including executives from every Fortune 500 company. 200 countries. 50% users are U.S.-based; 50% users international. The only social network to go public. If you, your industry or your company isn’t using it – who are all those people on there? And for goodness sake, why would you NOT want to connect with them?

Facebook – What it is and is Not
When Irvine said to Ben that Facebook is great for family and friends she was absolutely right. It’s a perfect place to connect with old friends from elementary school, new friends from your neighborhood, family members in other cities, states, countries, etc. Using Facebook as a job search utility is also a good option, when done within a strategic and savvy search model. Given that Facebook changes it’s privacy settings often, and sometimes without notifying it’s user base, and that often times you’re friends with colleagues, this social network is best used as a friends and family connection base. Your pictures and posts are more personal on Facebook and they may not be something you want a potential employer, hiring manager or colleague to see.

The Difference: Professional and Personal
The main difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is why you use them and who you connect with on each network. LinkedIn=professional networking to connect with colleagues and professionals. Facebook=socializing and connecting with friends and family. Confusion creeps it’s head when they crossover and thanks to networking, employee referrals and the power of word of mouth, Facebook has become a great engine for penetrating people’s personal social circles both for companies, hiring managers and recruiters. That’s okay if you allow it and want it. To dismiss LinkedIn is to toss out 100MM potential career contacts that can lead to a new opportunity; that makes much less sense.

Get Hired Now! 10+ Exclusive New Job Listings

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Now HiringWe all hear that 85% of jobs go unadvertised and 73% of companies prefer to hire candidates that are directly referred because they fit better with the culture. That’s precisely what this privately funded Chicago-based mobile application company is doing for their entire team.  When I met with the founder and leader of the company, Paul, last week to find out about their openings he opened up about the fact that their efforts to find anyone online were short lived and fruitless.

As I sipped on my coffee at 9a.m. and he opted out, hoping to return home for a nap before starting his real day (he programmed until the wee hours of the morning), he shared with me that the current programming talent was top notch – think Google and Facebook-  they’d all gone to school together and when called, they answered. Now they need fresh talent and are looking for it through the WOM (a.k.a friends and family) network; that’s how I got the call. I know Paul from years back when we would BBQ and relax together at a mutual friend’s house.  We’ve kept up over the years on none other than Facebook.

If you’re looking for an energetic company, appreciate and embrace a fast-paced culture and thrive in an an entrepreneurial environment focused on growth and client-driven development, check out the list of positions below from C.O.O. to Customer Service Representative. Salary, benefits and, for the right candidate, even relocation is offered.

Chief Operating Officer |  Develop CRM processes, establish back office functions including logistics development, play a key role in the forecasting and  modeling with sales plans, strategic plans and budgets. Lead HR/Finance/Benefits/Operations/Operations functions and serve as a member of the Executive team. Strong background in establishing new policy/procedures. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PCOO to

Controller/Finance Director |  Establish compensation plans for sales team and executive team in collaboration with C.O.O.; Manage A/P and A/R in addition to accounting and taxes for the company. Direct all purchase order processing. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PFIN to

Technical Project Manager | Establish deadlines and adhere to set deadlines; fix bugs; organize and prioritize feature set development and deadlines. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PTPM to

Graphic Designer (2) | Visual design of user interface including customer specific icon development; template design(s). Create marketing slicks and presentations. Expert skills in Photoshop/Illustrator/PowerPoint. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PGD to

Junior Level Programmer (2) | Work with Customer Service Reps on product management, collaborate with senior programmers on product bug fixes, etc.  To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PJLP to

Customer Service Representatives (2) | Manage post-sale relationship with customers, maintain continuous quality assurance of product and handling inbound customer calls with B2B clients.  To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PFCSR to

Mobile User Experience Engineer | Develop mobile, tablet and desktop product flow, Establish customer requirements through gathering customer needs and analysis. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PMUEE to

Video Engineer/Programmer | Familiarity with Kohana, PHP, MVC frameworks, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and J Query. Manage video infrastructure and program/engineer live streaming for all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. To apply, email your resume and cover letter with Subject: PVEP to

Spread the word: Think a friend or colleague is perfect for one of these positions? Remember to share this post socially via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through email and spread the word. 85% of jobs today, including these, go unadvertised and are only spread through word of mouth by friends like you!

Social Media Mastery for 50 Somethings Live Event Today

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I’m delighted to be the Keynote Speaker today for the Executive Network Group of Chicago. For those of you wondering “What’s Social Media got to do with me?”, today is a great event that you’ll want to join us for!

I’ll be speaking about how to use social media and personal branding as essential job search tools. Join over 100 Executives today as I dive into topics that include:

  • HOW Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are Essential Job Search Tools…at any age
  • REAL Life Career Stories from Twitter, Facebook and Linked In
  • WHAT the actual number of employers that are on social media is (stats!)
  • WHEN to log off the computer and engage in live personal networking
  • HOW to create a  healthier life style and lead to a healthier job search
  • WHAT it takes to create a powerful personal brand (it’s easier than you think)
  • HOW a clear personal brand can make, or break, your job search
  • MAKE the most of your online time

Note: Members from the ENG “C” level group will be available to discuss your elevator speech and resume so take the opportunity to get quality input from senior executives afterwards!

After I finish, the ENG is holding three formal thirty (30) minute networking sessions to assist with target company contacts and referrals. Then it’s time to polish up those networking skills for some socializing and enjoyment at Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Pub. I look forward to seeing you this afternoon – please stop by to say hello personally – and if you’ve got a copy of my book “Career Sudoku”, I’ll be happy to autograph it as well!


Time: 12:00 – 5:30p.m. (Keynote Session: 1:00 – 2:00p.m.)

Location: Arlington Heights Memorial Library, 2nd Flr, 500 N. Dunton Ave., Arlington Heights, IL

Cost: ENG MEMBERS $5.00. GUESTS are $20.00 for the day, which can be credited toward full membership if done within 30 days.
Pre-registration is not required.

Complete Agenda:
12:00 – 1:00: Registration and Informal Networking
1:00 – 2:00: Keynote Speaker
2:00 – 2:30: Announcements
2:30 – 2:45: Break with Refreshments
2:45-4:30: 3 Networking Sessions
4:30-5:30: Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Pub (4 blks from Library)

High-Tech Job Hunting: Text Your Way to a New Job

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mobile phone job hunting“We need to talk” I knew what was coming. Everyone knows what’s coming when someone says that line, right? In my case, this is when the guy mentions the one thing I’m likely unwilling to change – my addiction to the baby. The baby is my crackberry (aka blackberry) and I sleep with her next to my pillow until 5a.m. when she comes into bed with me. What? If he was all that great I’m sure I would’ve put her on silent and waited until at least 6a.m. to bring her to bed.

We both know I’m not the only one that keeps my smartphone bedside at night and checks it first thing in the morning. Good news is that now there’s one more reason to keep it there – job are being delivered via text message. First we had email notifications, then we had LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook apps and now text messaging.

High-Tech Job Hunting
Job hunting continues to go high tech as companies seek out the savviest and smartest candidates on the market. If you’re just figuring out how to “pimp out” your Linked In profile to reach the 95% of employers sourcing candidates on this hot social network, it’s time to make sure that’s done because companies are already on to even newer, hotter medium.

How Effective Is Mobile Job Hunting
Corporate recruiting departments have become as savvy as marketing departments these days. Given 1,000+ resumes flood in for nearly every job posting, they’ve found a way to source the best candidates and it’s text messaging. Why? Text message open rates are 98% versus email open rates at just 22% and that means the right candidates, already in their system, will open jobs that meet their qualifications.

Get Engagejob search text alertsd with Mobile Job Searching
ABC’s Good Morning America spotlighted two major corporations already engaged in this high-tech recruiting method earlier this week. On the careers section of AT&T’s website, anyone can sign up to join the company’s Talent Network to receive hot job leads via text message based on location and job type. So far more than 700,000 people have opted in, giving them the first notification of AT&T openings.

Ernst & Young is launching a campaign in February targeting college campuses for its entry-level hiring. A unique QR code featured on campus posters and tabletop displays gives students to access a special area on the E&Y website to take a short quiz that assesses firm knowledge. Job seekers are prompted to sign up for text alerts to learn more about what’s happening with hiring at Ernst & Young.