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  • How to Create a Resume That Gets Results…and The Top 10 Resumes Faux Pas to Avoid
  • 3 Ways to Develop a Powerful 30-Second Personal Brand…That Gets You Noticed
  • How to Ace The Interview…Go In Knowing What Others Don’t (but wish they did)
  • What It Takes to Network Naturally…You’re Already Doing It!
  • Social Media Networking StrategiesWhy Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In Matter
  • How to Use Job Boards and Recruiters…and When To Avoid Them
  • The Top 20 Job Search Myths...and The Real Facts Behind Them
  • Effective Job Offer Negotiation Techniques…Create a Win-Win Solution
  • Winning The First 90 Days After You Land

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“MUST READ For Everyone Looking For a Job” raves J.D. on Amazon.com

Buy The Book“The resume suggestions helped me to effectively focus my message to get the interviews. The book is complete in providing direction on building “you” as the brand, utilizing social networking and even offering counsel on image and dress. I guarantee if you follow Adriana’s advice you will be successful in landing your next job. More importantly, it will be the right job for you! Buy this book and get results. I did!” – J.D. via Amazon.com

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5 Star Job Search Book“I recently had an unexpected and impromptu phone interview. In order to catch the attention of the employer, I quickly searched Chapter 3 to locate the Top 25 Interview Questions to Ask. What a lifesaver! After several questions were answered, the interviewer commented that I was smart, engaging and that she wanted to schedule me for an in-person interview that same week. I landed the job within 2 weeks! – R.C., via BarnesandNoble.com

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I highly recommend “Career Sudoku” to anyone – from college grads to the recently laid off or mid-career Order Career Sudoku Today!professionals casually looking for a new job you can sink your teeth into.Being an author myself, I know both the stress and complexity level of writing a book. I can only imagine how much research and personal experience was poured into this book. Just like a resume, a nice outfit and a lucky pen are all important necessities in the process of searching for a job, this book is too!” – C.B. via Amazon.com

Buy The Book! Only $19.99 $17.99

Buy Career Sudoku Now

(Limited Time Offer)