Personal Branding Expert, Published Author and Social Media Maven Adriana Llames has been featured in 7 countries and interviewed by Emmy-Award winning journalists as a contributor on ABC and WGN News. Her personal branding and social media success strategies can be found on CNN Money, Forbes, Yahoo!, AOL, Hoovers, Inc. 500, Huffington Post, CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn and in award-winning papers from The New York Post and Chicago Tribune to LA Weekly and Denver Post.  Here are selected media highlights of Adriana’s press exposure.

Adriana Llames announced as Keynote Speaker for Social Media Intelligence ATL | October, 2012

Adriana Llames has been announced as the Keynote Speaker for The Social Media Intelligence Conference in Atlanta on November 12-13. She will be speaking on Social Media Mapping: Visualizing your organization’s social media landscape for effective social media measuring and monitoring.   Click here to find out conference details and to purchase tickets.

Adriana Llames announced as Keynote Speaker for Auraria Career Conference | October, 2012

Adriana Llames has been announced as the Keynote Speaker for Auraria Career Conference in Feburary, 2013. She will be speaking on Personal Branding for the Recent College Graduate, leveraging the Top 3 Social Media networks to your advantage and the Do’s and Dont’s of Personal Branding during the job search game. This conference is open to 60,000 students and graduates on the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO.

WGN News “Career Happiness & Promotions” feature with Adriana Llames | December, 2011

WHAT does it take to translate your results into a promotion? DOES advanced education really matter? WHAT value does networking have?  Click here to find out HOW TO: Get Promoted on WGN News’ Your Money Matters with  Master Career Coach and Personal Branding Guru Adriana Llames.

adrianallames career services receives “2011 Best of Chicago” Award | Friday,  December 16, 2011

The U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) has announced adrianallames career services as the winner of it’s “2011 Best of Chicago” small business Award.  Our office is honored and grateful to receive this award.  We thank our clients, partners, vendors and family for your support, business and partnership each and every day and the USCA for recognizing our company with this award. Read the full press release here.

WGN News  “Your Money Matters-Boost Your Personal Brand”  features Career Coach and Job Search Expert Adriana Llames | October, 2011

WGN News offered up personal branding advice and social media tips during the mid-days news “Your Money Matters”.  During her interview with Emmy-Award winning journalist Steve Sanders, career coach and job industry expert Adriana Llames shared that 89% of professionals volunteer while only 45% of them leverage this experience on their resumes. Llames gave tips on how to capitalize on giving back to the community during your job search (hint: 41% of employers find volunteering as relevant as work experience). Watch Steve Sanders interview with Adriana Llames on WGN’s Your Money Matters here.

ABC 7’s hottest new show “Windy City Live” features Career Coach and Job Search Expert Adriana Llames | September, 2011

Windy City Live featured career coach and job industry expert  Adriana Llames to provide insight on President Obama’s new Jobs Plan and provide 5 job search tips for today’s job seekers. Host Ryan Chiaverini sat down with Adriana to find out what companies were hiring now, the hottest industries and get her expert response on live fan questions directly from facebook.



Adriana Llames is Named “Influential Woman in Business” | by Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine and Maven Media

Maven Media in collaboration with Today’s Chicago Woman magazine have named Adriana Llames One of the Most Influential Women in Business. An event honoring Ms. Llames and the other award-winning influential women in business will be held on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at Jbar in The James Hotel, Chicago from 6-9p.m. This limited space event is open to the public and Ms. Llames encourages her clients, fans and associates to attend to mix, mingle and share in her success. RSVP on Facebook here. Read the Influential Women in Business Press Release here.

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