What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

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Of all the questions we’re ask each day of the year, this is the one that stumps me. Tomorrow, Saturday 8/6 is my birthday which has me reflect on what birthdays meant in my younger years and how I answer “What do you want for your birthday?” now.  How is it that in a world full of such abundance someone should give me a gift on my birthday? It seems counter intuitive to me.

The Younger Years: Stuck In The Middle

Ever since I was a little girl I remember my birthday something like this: stuck in the middle between my sister and my mom. My sister’s birthday is August 3rd and my mother’s birthday is August 12th, which leaves mine (6th) literally stuck in the middle. A small part of me hoped everyone would merely forget and let me enjoy my day alone, in pure happiness and birthday solitude. (don’t go analyzing what that means you psychology majors. it just is what it is.)  Being young, there was another part of me that wanted to wake up to pink and purple crepe paper streamers decorating the living room in honor of my birthday but that was a tiny part of me. I reveled being stuck in the middle, knowing my birthday would be swept up in the chaos of celebrating my drama-infused sister’s birthday before me and my mother’s right after.


Hugs, Please

Last week I got “THE CALL”.  On the other end of the line was my amazing, loving sister-in-law (who remembers everything from Halloween cards to Grandparent’s day – there should be an app named after her). A few minutes into our usual banter she launched the question, “What do you want for your birthday?”. This time I was ready with my answer, it’s been the same for a few years now, “Hugs and kisses from my boys.” (my boys are actually her boys, they’re my nephews). She wasn’t having it, she wanted something material in nature.

My Kind of Gifts

The way I see birthday gifts is that I should be giving others gifts for allowing me to be a part of their life for the past year. Why do I get a gift for simply being born? My gift is life (and it’s one hell of a great gift every year)! So, here are my birthday gifts:

  • To my clients my gift is gratitude.  Thank you for a year filled with your support, referrals and business. You allow me to do the work I am passionate about every day.
  • To my family my gift is love. There is only one family in life and I love you all dearly. This year has taught me how important family is, both big and small.
  • To my friends my gift is laughter. The best medicine in the world cannot heal what laughter can in a fraction of the time. Good times are better when we laugh.
  • To my prospective clients my gift is commitment. If you chose to work with me, you get my commitment that it will be a wonderful experience and service.
  • To my colleagues my gift is inspiration. I will continue to work hard to inspire greatness within our community of professionals each day of the next year.
  • To my significant other my gift is appreciation. Your friendship and love has added great joy to my life and for that I will continue to show you my appreciation.

In a beautiful world filled with abundance, I have been blessed with a this great life – that is my gift, this year and every year to come. (and a little bit of cake for my sweet tooth).