Do What You Love and You Never Work Again

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In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Does this sound too good to be true?

For over a decade I pursued my dream and led a business that was built out of pure passion, in essence I did what I loved. While it’s true that the days meld into one another, and before you know it know it time has passed like sands through an hourglass, Confucius has one on me. In my experience, it still felt like work (particularly in the early years).

Keeping your bank accounts full

In recent years, the economic conditions have given rise to many individuals reconsidering the W2 lifestyle. Filling your back account comes in many different ways and being mindful of this is essential, particularly if you choose to fill them by pursuing your passion outside the stability of a W2 paycheck.

Stability. Finances. Health (and health insurance). Emotional stability. Physical Health. There are many areas we deposit and debit from all day long that add up to “work/life balance.” Will doing what you love deposit or debit from your mental bank account (remember to consider the stress)? How will it affect your physical account? Does it deposit or debit from your relationship bank account? All your accounts need to be balanced in order for an opportunity to be the right one.

Choosing your passion

The irony in all of this is that the majority of people (including you) possess such talents in life that when it comes to deciding about a career or business, it is less about what you love, and more about what you can do with what you love. What am I talking about? Take me for example. I love shoes (Ok, I adore them) yet without the necessary skills (e.g. designing, manufacturing, distributing) necessary to effectively run a shoe business, my chances of being successful are rather limited even with my passion. The wise choice is to choose a passion where my skills also align so I have the best choice for success.

Go for it

The first step to anything in life is making the decision to go for it. Are you ready to fill up your bank accounts by pursuing your passion full-time? If you answer YES then GO FOR IT. Choose your passion wisely, align your skill set and make the decision to start doing what you love. As Confucius said “…you will never work a day in your life.” Here’s to never working a day in our lives.

Taking the Plunge: I’m Heading Back to Corporate America

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After more than a decade leading my business, I’m taking off my Entrepreneur hat for the Employee hat. On January 30th I will start my first day as the Division Vice President, Social Media Marketing at a Fortune 100 Company here in Chicago. I’ve had all the freshmanesque jitters of what do I wear on the first day? What’s the environment really like? How far is the Starbucks? (okay, let’s be honest, I already know the answer to the last one, after all, it’s my addiction).

Why It Matters To You
It’s proof positive that my career coaching methodologies work. I used the exact resume format and layout, interview kit and techniques (including questions to ask the hiring managers), 30/60/90 day plan and follow-up strategy that I coach my clients to use during their career transitions. I ran to FedExOffice and printed off resume packets with clear vinyl covers and vinyl backs, I included reference sheets, I hand wrote thank you notes and mailed them promptly – only after sending email thank you notes within 24 hours. Most importantly, I networked my toukas off throughout the entire process and was (and still am) ever grateful for the internal champion that supported my candidacy.

How To Find Me

I’m not exactly disappearing, in fact, I’m not even moving. The best way to stay connected with me is on LinkedIn.  I’ll also continue to be an active blogger on the Personal Branding Blog where you can find my posts every Monday morning or via my Twitter account on Tuesday mornings.  If you still can’t find me, head to Starbucks in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood on a weekend morning and any barista can point me out!

What I’ll Be Doing

Social media marketing – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Social Media games for a retailer I believe in greatly. Who is it? I’ll disclose more after I start on the 30th. Most importantly, I’ll be engaging with consumers via social media and getting you (aka – American consumers) excited through fun, engaging and viral campaigns. Seriously, how exciting is this? As you can tell, I’m excited!


It’s because of you and your support that I have the opportunity to grow my professional journey in this direction. Thank you. I appreciate you.

Employee Turned Entrepreneur: Thinking of Taking the Plunge?

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As an employee turned entrepreneur myself, this is a plunge I have taken and coach clients on from a career, business, and personal level. With nearly 30MM job seekers, including 14MM unemployed, and a job search process that takes over 211 days to land a new job, it’s no wonder many professionals are wondering if now is the time to take the plunge and open their own small business. If you are among the millions of Americans considering going this route, take the time to think through it thoroughly.

Finding funding
Quite a few small business owners starting their first entrepreneurial venture start with the “friends and family” funding option. With The Great Recession’s impact, many friends and family have likely had their stable careers, income, and savings accounts impacted negatively requiring an alternative funding source. Up next, credit cards and banks. Credit cards are a scary option as the interest rates are high and you’ll likely need to get them in your personal name since the business has no established credit or history. That leaves banks, still are an option for those with very good credit. Contact your local SCORE office for help with small business and minority, and women-owned business loans.

Saving for success
We all love our own ideas and think our business will be the best one yet, or we sure wouldn’t be invested the time, energy and effort – much less money- into it. To prepare that you and your family are set up for success ensure you have at least 12 months of savings in the bank before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. The stress of opening and operating a business will be far more than working as an employee; adding the strain of finances will be enough to put your business under even if began as a great idea.

Balancing act
Do you remember the first time you kissed your wife, or husband? What about the first time you saw your baby’s face? Your new love will be your business and it will take away from every other love in your life. Your blackberry or iPhone will take priority from your family, your friends and your vacations. You’ll be responding to clients and orders when you used to be relaxing. Vacation? Two weeks will seem like an eternity. The 40-or-50-hour work week will soon become a thing of the past, a dream you have on the nights you achieve more than 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep when you’re not business planning during the night.

The best part about all of this is that although you’re walking around in a daze, partly from the lack of sleep and partly from being consumed by your business ideas, you will contributing and working for…you. All of this will be going to your bottom-line. That also means that every minute you take off is a minute that you’re not generating revenue or closing a deal.
Opening my businesses has been the best journey in my life. They have cost me dearly in many ways, relationships that were lost to my crackberry and hundreds of dollars have been spent on creams to avoid dark under eye circles. They have benefited me in far more though – cheering on my nephews at 2p.m. soccer games, heading to N.Y. at the last minute – after all, I can catch up on work on a Sunday!